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Commission: Distraction (for kaalee), WS

So ages and ages ago, in a time far way, the lovely kaalee commissioned me for a work based on her drabble-fic (Distraction). I was super excited because it is an utterly gorgeous fic, broken into short 100 word vignettes. Absolutely floored, I eagerly agreed. I went to work. I slaved, I would spend an hour or so a day carefully planning and sketching the look I wanted, choosing just the right colors and shades. DOING BACKGROUNDS. and then I took a day or two off.

In that time period, the most horrible thing to ever horrible happened.

My external hard drive died. and no store I went to would just crack it open and take things off. and if they would, they would not guarantee they could get the files off in that scenario. I was angry. Needless to say, I lost a great deal of precious cargo. But none more important to me at the time was this art I had begun to craft.

I tried to start again, but every time I re drew it, or reimagined it, I got so frustrated and angry, I walked away and deleted everything. I left it, and poor kaalee, high and dry, and ignored it for what I think amounts to over a year.

Then,about a week ago, I found the old email, and reread the fic. and I realized that I could do this. I started sketching it, and would walk away, saving it! I found a position I liked and felt I could draw. I had some new techniques and had, imho, improved. I left the sketch, and felt good. Yesterday, kaalee posted that she was having a bad day. and I knew that completing this would make her happy. So I sat down and engrossed myself in finishing it, and finishing it WELL. Three hours later, I finished what may be one of my favorite pieces of art to date. And I sent it off.

I made her happy. and really, that's what it was about all along, being happy with the art, and letting go this over idealized picture in my head. and kaalee, you inspire me, and I am so glad you like it :)

tl;dr - here's the commission, about a year late :)

Title: Distraction
Rating: Work Safe
Medium: Photoshop
Notes: Commission for kaalee, do not touch without her permission :D


Tags: art, character: neville, character: seamus, commissions, fandom: hp, pairing: neville/seamus, tablet
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