In a universe made up of one (dramedy) wrote in drunkedy,
In a universe made up of one

Teddy Lupin thinks you should commission me. :D

Want to own a one of a kind piece of art?

Simply comment ON THIS POST!
The first ten people to comment will be the first ten I take.
As I finish them, I will post and then come back to take the next comment! So keep tabs on this post!

Much thanks to glockgal for her support, and letting me steal her style of taking commissions, and for being generally awesome.
Thanks to sanestlunatic for letting me kvetch at her, and to squirrelygurl for being a fantastic sister and basically teaching me so very much.
Thanks to my family for their support.
Thank YOU!
PS: Nudity is extra, as is extremely kinky situations. For those prices, please contact me.
Tags: art, character: teddy lupin, commission information, commissions
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